1. My Thoughts and Ramblings on Why Your Logo Shouldn’t Suck - Part One

    09 Sep 2015
    I need your help with my logo. I paid [insert your-choice-online-logo-generator-website here] $100 for a logo last year, and I don’t like it. I then paid my cousin’s kid who has a graphics app on her iPad to create a logo for me. I’m still not happy with it. Can…

  2. Sometimes You Just Gotta Doodle. (Errrr…yeah, keeping reading. Hehe.)

    14 May 2015
    I ordered a book last Fall called One Zentangle A Day (Here’s what a zentangle is, incase you aren’t familiar….Zentangle) One zentangle a day was a bit of an overachievement for me, so I made a 2015 goal to do one Zentangle a week. Yeah, I can do that Wrong.…

  3. Do It. Like Now.

    24 Apr 2015
    This past week has been super exciting for the Carter fam. My paw-in-law, whom I affectionately call “Ralphie” or “Ralpho” (Dr. Ralph F. Carter, Jr. is just too formal for me…and it doesn’t fit him either, so I took the liberty to change it) had his first published book go…

  4. Distracted

    09 Apr 2015
    I came outside tonight to finally start reading a book that I ordered, ohhhh, about two years ago. I was so excited to get it, but I knew, as is true with every book I pick up, it would take me forever to finish it. Fast forward two years to…

  5. Nacho Cornhole. The Big Reveal.

    27 Mar 2015
    I started this personal project, of sorts, back in August. I finished it today. I’m so glad I finished it today. I’m not horrible about starting things and not finishing them, but sometimes that creeps in. Especially if it’s just something for fun…you know, like a personal project Last summer,…

  6. Blogs, Eyeballs, Train Tracks, and Brew

    15 Mar 2015
    Welp, my first Fuzzy Bison blog entry. Here goes Why have I thought of writing a blog for the biz for the past however-many-years and never actually sat down to write one? I’m not really sure. I think it’s probably because it takes me a while to pull the trigger…

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