Do It. Like Now.

This past week has been super exciting for the Carter fam. My paw-in-law, whom I affectionately call “Ralphie” or “Ralpho” (Dr. Ralph F. Carter, Jr. is just too formal for me…and it doesn’t fit him either, so I took the liberty to change it) had his first published book go to press! Official release date is May 27.

Insert shameless plug here —> Preorder yours today!

He’s been hard at work for so long on this, so it’s been fun to watch the excitement build as he’s worked with his publisher over the past several months. All the tough moments are over and it’s time to just sit back and hopefully sell the crap out of some books. <—That’s pure marketing jargon there. Don’t be fooled.

Ralph is the most honest, humble, and selfless person I have ever known. He’s the real deal. He has a big pastor job at a big Southern Baptist church, but he’s not that…or what you would envision that to be, rather. I’m so blessed that he’s my paw-in-law and Scout’s “Papa”.

He’s an incredibly committed person. If he says he’s going to do something, he’ll do it. 

He said he was going to write a book.

He wrote it.

Done, son.

What are you putting off that you keep saying you will do? Is there a project you keep saying you want to start? Is there a place you want to move to? Is there a career change you want to make? Is there a person you want to marry? Is there a book you want to write? Do it. Go there. Make it. Ask them. Write it.

Life is too short to put off whatever it is you keep saying you are going to do. Ralph lost his mother around this time last year. She was diagnosed with myeloma in December and was gone by June. It sucked. It really sucked. And it reiterated so loudly what we already knew to be true. Life is short. Treat those you love like you won’t see them tomorrow. And do those things today that you want/need to do…because you might not be here tomorrow to do them.

I love this photo that Matt took of Ma at one of Scout’s birthday parties. It captures her perfectly. Love and miss you, Ma.

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