2017… Be Gone With Yosef!

I’m long overdue in getting this post up. I’m actually long overdue in getting any post up. Can’t believe it’s been over a year since I last posted. 2017 was a rough one, but we survived. Seemed like every corner we turned, there was something to have to deal with and attempt to remedy immediately, or just sit in the middle of it and wait it out. 2017, be gone with yosef! 😂 But… God is good and leaning on his strength over my own is something I’m slowly learning to do. It doesn’t come easy for me, regardless of how many times he’s proven himself faithful in the big and small things in my life. And once again, those things that reared their ugly heads last year, he saw us through them and/or is continuing to see us through. He’s always always faithful. (Oh! And we’re expecting a Carter baby in April! Whaaa? Yeah, we’re still picking ourselves up off the floor over that one, but we can not wait to meet him! Please get here fast, April! But only after I have enough time to move my office to the garage so that Charlie Carter has a room. 😂)

Fuzzy Bison business was incredible last year and I had lots of new logo clients from out in California via Christine McDermott from Great Oak Circle. I’ll do some logo study posts on those to come. I also had some opportunities to work on some painting projects, which were much needed breaks from sitting in front of the Mac all day. It’s a slow learning process especially since I have to tackle it in my “free” time, but I’m learning and loving every minute that I get to wet a brush and make cool things for folks. I’m so grateful for masters of the trade like Norma Jeanne Maloney and Sean Starr who have been so gracious to me in lending their knowledge of the craft. You guys are super special! ⚡️💕

I also wrapped up the 2017 season with the Southeast Gassers. Although, I’m no longer doing work for them, it was another great season of producing cool posters (posted below), and I wish them the best for the future! Just like the season prior, the posters gave a “face” to each event and each design was a quick way to push out advertising via Instagram and Facebook in addition to providing a physical promo piece and a collectible souvenir. Check them out this year if you get a chance! Their season begins April 14 in Shelby, NC. Good luck, kids!

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